Bulembu- the Oasis

In 2006, a team of social entrepreneurs purchased the abandoned mining town of Bulembu in the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) with a vision to restore it to a fully sustainable town, which today provides full child care to over 350 orphaned and vulnerable children.  Bulembu’s children live in family homes with a caregiver, where they receive all they need to thrive including food, clothing, education, medical care, social and spiritual care.


Our Partnership In Action

Self-sustaining Community

Bulembu’s Community Enterprises - including Bulembu Honey, Bulembu Water, and Bulembu Country Lodge – contribute their profits to the child care program, helping to cover the basic costs associated with raising Bulembu’s children and Eswatini’s next generation of leaders.

Using the established infrastructure, Bulembu Ministries has found many opportunities to build innovative, sustainable and profitable businesses in Eswatini. Each enterprise is a division of the larger charity, with the profits from each enterprise flowing into Bulembu’s Sustainability Fund for the advancement of the Bulembu vision.


The Situation

During the pandemic, Bulembu’s Community Enterprises were either closed or significantly impacted thereby reducing contributions available to the child care program.  Many of Bulembu’s financial supporters globally have also been negatively impacted by the pandemic.  At the same time, the business side has been heavily impacted:

  • The hospitality business has gone from being one of the largest financial contributors to losing money, as travel and accommodations have been severely restricted due to COVID-19
  • The honey business has been restructured into a cottage industry and cut most of its employees
  • Overall, several dozen employees have been laid off resulting in the loss of income for their families

The Ask

The allKiDz family invites you to join us in caring for all kids!  Your tax-deductible donation can help ensure these Bulembu’s children remain safe, with all of their basic needs met.  This has been an extremely difficult season for everyone, but especially for the children in Bulembu who have seen more challenges than most in their short lifetimes. You have the opportunity to be a part of their future hopes and dreams.

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Make a Donation

General donations are deeply appreciated and also very much needed to help support the transformational work taking place in Bulembu.

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