Hi, I am Kerri - a busy mom of 3 girls ages 12, 7 and 4. Between my kids and 2 businesses life gets hectic but is amazing and I wouldn't have it any other way. My family and I love getting active by going on hikes, exploring nature and swimming. I am so thankful to have allKiDz to turn to daily to ensure my kids are getting all their vitamins and minerals. They are the only vitamin products we have been using for 4 years. I trust allKiDz to keep my girls healthy through our busy hectic life!

My favorite products: Probiotic Gummies Gut health is important to me. Since taking probiotics as a younger adult, I see the benefits and want to make sure my kids get the benefits too.

Kerri R., a mother of three

Fifteen years ago, I started my journey as an International Pharmacy Graduate. Later I joined Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket and have been working there for several years. This is where I was introduced to allKiDz products in 2019. During this time, I have successfully become a Natural Health Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Registered iridologist, and Weight loss coach.

I genuinely care for my clients and their health, so I dedicate as much time as needed to listen to their concern and inform them about drug interaction and supplements. I advise them on dietary and lifestyle changes, and design meal plans and protocols. I also teach health seminars to raise awareness about Cardiovascular health, detoxification as well as men’s and women’s Health. I am a published author and have made contributions to various health magazines and blogs. It was also an honor to be nominated for the CHFA Excellence in Retail Sales Award from my incredible peers.

Bahar M.


Natural medicine practitioner, holistic nutritionist, health educator and adviser with clinical experience in Health and Nutrition for over 20 years.

Passion for natural health and lifestyle, being supported by the laws of the Universe and nature with a strong believe in natural health products. Having a constant desire for improvement of what is available to people in its most natural form. Investing time and effort for better knowledge and understanding with the intention for all of us to live a better-quality life!

Slavea M., a mother of two

Hey my name is Sarah. I am a holistic nutritionist, a live blood cell analyst, a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children! I have been in the health industry for over 10 years. I absolutely love nutrition, children and being healthy.

Sarah Q., a mother of three


Welcome to allKiDz family! We are always looking for enthusiastic parents/professionals who love allKiDz products and want to spread the love/knowledge. Give us a shout if you are interested.

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