Celebrate Sweet in the Sugarless Way

Slavea Manahilova
Holistic Nutritionist (Certified Nutritional Practitioner)


Maintaining and improving the health of your kids, naturally has always been a dream of parents. However, most of the Multivitamin formulas on the market claimed to be “natural”, still contain potentially harmful ingredients such as sugar, synthetic sweeteners, synthetic preservatives, food dies or fillers.


Sugar has been a growing concern in the past decade. Over the years we have received many requests from parents, intending to invest in their kid’s diet and healthy lifestyle hoping to find healthier foods, drinks and supplements on the market. In our menus today, sugar is found in many forms and under so many different names. Some of them are cane sugar, cane juice crystals, beet sugar, rice syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, galactose, maltose, lactose, sucrose and more…


How Can Sugar Impact Your Child’s Health

Most of us have witnessed how having added sugar in our daily menu can lead to different health problems, such as higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes and more…The health challenges of our kids after having added sugar regularly may start with behaviour, or digestive problems, tooth decay, malnutrition, unexplained aches and pains, psychological imbalances and obesity. According to the statement made by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, sugar is also an addictive substance. Withdrawal symptoms for sugar addiction can include mood changes, such as irritability, and physical symptoms such as tremors, or changes in activity level such as your child becoming more overactive or lethargic than usual. All the hidden risks make it clear that added sugar is better to be avoided.


Based on all the negative feedback on the use of sugar we decided to abandon added sugar in our new Multi Gummy Bears Vegetarian. To keep the same tasty flavour, we switched to one of the safest sugar substitutes known up to date on the market, called Erythritol. While erythritol tastes similar to sugar it is known to be free of the side effects that added sugar has. It contains much fewer calories and does not feed bacteria in the mouth (which helps prevent dental caries). Erythritol is well-tolerated by our bodies therefore not causing digestive issues (like gas).


According to Dr. Axe: “…As of 1997, erythritol has the status of generally recognized as safe by the FDA. The food industry and consumers love it because it has a similar sweet taste as sugar, but it’s noncaloric and does not raise blood sugar levels…”


allKiDz® Multi Gummy Bears Vegetarian

Introducing delicious Juicy gummy bears with carefully-selected 13 essential vitamins and minerals with no added sugar, allKiDz® Multi Gummy Bears Vegetarian features plant-based ingredients and a good amount of dietary fiber – 0.9g of natural fiber per gummy!


As we know many kids don’t like to eat their veggies and, in many cases, this will mean that they are not getting enough fiber in their diet. In general, fiber helps make us full and keeps things moving in the digestive tract. A diet that includes good sources of fiber may help to prevent or relieve constipation and it’s a very important factor in the body’s detoxification process. This fiber content makes it stand out among other kids’ vitamins on the market.


For today’s parent it’s easy to help their kids to stay healthy, energetic and well-nourished even if they are picky eaters since having a vitamin formula like allKiDz® Multi Gummy Bears Vegetarian is within reach, because they are delicious, and kids love them! This is definitely a new age multivitamin formula that doesn’t contain added sugar and is free of artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, animal gelatin, artificial flavors, artificial colors or preservatives.


While our intention is to provide the best care and nutrition for your child, we strongly suggest that as it is with every natural supplement, please remember to consult with your child’s pediatrician or a Medical Doctor of your choice for the best supplement option and the recommended daily dose for your kids prior to using any of the suggestions or products in this article!


To make informed decisions about Multi Gummy Bears Vegetarian, also keep in mind that:

Like other supplements, keep the bottle out of your kids’ reach, so that they don’t take more than the recommended amount and get an overdose of vitamins, especially since they taste like candy;
Supplements aren’t intended to substitute for food, and they are not meant to be used as a meal replacement;
If your child has an allergy to any of the ingredients in this product, please avoid the use of it.



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