All You Need to Know about Elderberry

Bahar Mahmoudi
International Pharmacy Graduate and Natural Health Practitioner


The black elderberry plant is a deciduous shrub found mostly in North America and Europe. Most of the scientific research on the medicinal benefits of the plant has been conducted on the European species, Sambucus nigra. The plant produces white flowers that are used for both health and flavor applications and dark purple-black berries that are packed with phytonutrients. Elderberries have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat everything from skin disorders to colds and flus. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, even referred to elderberry as “nature’s medicine chest”.


Elderberry is an easy, safe and tasty way to boost children’s health. Elderberry has been proven to be a natural, reliable treatment for common illnesses such as the cold and flu (influenza). Studies have shown that concentrated, membrane filtered elderberry extract (ElderCraft®) is active against viruses and bacteria that cause upper respiratory symptoms, and can significantly shorten the duration of symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, congestion), reducing the severity of colds and flu significantly.


Elderberry is thought to deactivate the glycoprotein spikes (haemagglutinin) on the surface of viruses. This prevents the virus from attaching itself to the cell membrane and makes it impossible for the virus to enter the cell. In addition, packed with substances (anthocyanins, Vitamin C etc.) that contain powerful healing abilities, elderberry has also been shown to elevate immunity by increasing the production of vital proteins in immune cells.


Overall, elderberry provides potent protection, a natural tool for keeping children functioning at their best. And parents, elderberry is not just for kids! Your own immune system is also critical because chances are, your little ones are bringing it all home with them.


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Would Elderberry Inhibit Coronaviruses?

Elderberry has been shown to inhibit multiple kinds of common cold and flu-like viruses because it sticks to the outside of the virus and makes it somewhat harder for it to replicate. It doesn’t destroy it; however, it may cut down your recovery time by 50%.

Although there is yet no published study on the effect of elderberry against the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), there is an in vitro study posted in a veterinary journal that shows that it specifically inhibits chicken coronavirus. Just in case, it would still be helpful to stock some elderberry on the side if you need an extra boost in immunity.


Why allKiDz® Anti-cold Liquid?

 allKiDz® Anti-cold Liquid features ElderCraft® – an organic, standardized European black elderberry extract that has been clinically proven to relieve cold & flu symptoms. The unique membrane filtration technique ensures no chemical solvent has been employed in the extraction process, while enriches immune-boosting natural flavonoids (anthocyanin), minerals (Zinc) and vitamins (Vitamin C etc.).



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